any one live in TEXAS??? seeds

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    SAM CROW New Member

    well im looking for a smoke shop in texas that sells kush seeds or dro my town NONE of the smoke shops sell seeds..i asked them wher can i get some and they said in san antonio..but its a little far for me...corpus cristi would be great
  2. st0ner777

    st0ner777 New Member

    i live in tx but idk were stores liek tht wud be OH WELL I KNOW THERE IS A HEMP STORE IN SAN MARCUS KINDA BY NEW BRAUNSFAULES OR W/E

    SAM CROW New Member

    oh cool,and that hemp store sells kush seeds? or dro seeds...i have reg seeds but i dont wanna grow that lol
  4. jacjak

    jacjak Sr. Member

    Why would any store in Texas(and most of america) sell marijuana seeds, you know thats illegal right? And what are dro seeds?
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    SAM CROW New Member

    wait what..its illiegal? then why can u buy them over the internet..i checked and they will send them to would make sence that smoke shops would sell them,i asked one of the local smoke shops and 1 empolyee said thers a place in san antonio that will sell me the seeds but i didnt get enough info...hydro seeds
  6. jacjak

    jacjak Sr. Member

    You can buy the online because they are probably coming from another country. And hydroponics(sp?) is a way of growing, theres not hydro seeds.

    SAM CROW New Member

    ohh man,i didnt know that..well thanks for the info bro..whats hydoroponics sd? u said its a way of growing but how do i go about growing hydro if i wanted to..wher do i get what i need
  8. B-radk

    B-radk New Member

    oh my god...

    dude whem he said hydro sp? He was asking if he spelled it right...hydroponics is a way of growing marijauna not in soil that i dont feel like explaining. Its illegal to sell seeds yes you can get them off the internet and yes you don't know what the hell your talking about when you say 'dro'
  9. KushBandit

    KushBandit New Member

    1. Marijuana seeds are illegal. Find a grower or find some buds with seeds in them that are mature and right for growing.

    2. Kush is a strain, not a grade of weed. Your "reg" seeds can be grown to be a high-grade marijuana plant.

    3. Dro, the nickname for HYDROPONICS, is a way of growing marijuana in an indoor, controlled environment with water as a growing element instead of soil. PH and Nutrience are easily controlled this way.

    4. You seem very inexperienced and should educate yourself very well about Cannabis before you start to grow.

    Go to if you want a better understanding about growing.
  10. SAM CROW

    SAM CROW New Member

    oh alright thanks..i am a expirienced with cannabis,very expirienced..i grew and grow reg weed plants..just have NO expirience with hydro growing or "good" quality plant growing....thats why im asking you guys lol ill def hit up that website..and take it easy on a begginer..if you came to my gym asking me to teach u mma..ill teach u,not be mean and say U DONT KNOW WHAT U TALKING ABOUT! lmao!
  11. Boom Shanker

    Boom Shanker New Member

    Sam, I understand your point of view and their point of view. You cannot ask silly questions without doing the necessary research about these types of things. You are asking some veterans and senior members how to obtain seeds when we all know that WEED IS ILLEGAL!
    BTW online buying should be done in discretion. Make sure you wait a while after you get the seeds. Risky business, and I think you need some more time before you step into the growing field because its not like getting caught with a gram or 2. You need to be well educated about this matter.
    15 years for intend to manufacture and Texas being the most conservative state in the united states, your chances are small to nil. 1st of all if you were serious about growing, you would do the necessary research and then decide whether you want to do it or not..
    Anyways, Good luck and I hope you post your pics of the plants that you grow in the future.
  12. SAM CROW

    SAM CROW New Member

    thanks for the info man....i did....well i "tryed" to do my research on the internet but the utube videos and the ifo they give on the web kinda sucks..when its comes to this kinda subject,so thats why i wanted to ask you guys...dame i didnt know the online purchase'ing was such a big deal..i herd a couple of bad things,that u get red flagged and stuff like that..but DAME..its just weed! these old ass dinasours running the us have to die out all ready so the new smarter generation can take over and make it legal
  13. Boom Shanker

    Boom Shanker New Member

    Its gonna take a while for that to happen.
  14. SAM CROW

    SAM CROW New Member

    yah definetly..i give it 30 to 40 years..and its still not gonna be completly legal
  15. bigdawg46

    bigdawg46 New Member

    OMG.. Your experienced????? After reading all the replies and yours as well,,, your an idiot!!! As kush bandit said,, read more about what your trying to do before you spill your stupidity. Not trying to be rude however.

    MOD NOTE: Flaming other members is against our posting guidlines, infraction issued.

  16. canadiankeeg

    canadiankeeg New Member

    Just by saying not trying to be rude at the end does not nullify what you just said. And for this situation why would he research something if he was going to ask a question on it anyway. Unless he could find something that would negate the question.
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  17. QueenOfBlades

    QueenOfBlades New Member

    Hey! I happen to live in San Antonio, and frequent head shops all the time. NONE of the head shops we have here sell seeds. I guarantee you that. As everyone else has been saying, it's illegal to sell seeds. Hell, I remember my grandmother (she's a "street apothecary" who dispensed herb) warning me about how you can't even possess a seed because they count it as a whole plant which counts as a whole pound of MJ here in Texas. That's automatically intent to distribute, which is a felony here. I know that because many people I know here have gotten busted for that crap. The cops here are generally intolerant of MJ. I remember a cop let my grandmother go once even after he saw her huge pile of ground weed and a couple of freshly rolled J's on her bathroom counter. I guess he felt bad for her because he was there on a domestic violence call because her husband just got through destroying her home. But that is most assuredly not the norm here.

    Bottom line: You will not find seeds here unless you get lucky and come across some mature ones in your bud. I agree with the others that you should definitely go read up on growing. Not just HOW to grow hydroponic herb--but the laws in our state as well regarding MJ. It's for your protection that I urge you not to attempt growing dro until you do. Hell, maybe not even the other way. Good luck! :D
  18. SAM CROW

    SAM CROW New Member

    well i gotta say thanks for the advide (canadiankeeg) and (queenofblades) as for bigdawg...i can garentee u i am not an idiot..its impossible to know every thing about every subject in the im pretty shure thers some thing that you dont fully understand about some random lets say ur making research on that subject and you ask some expirienced fellow's on a forum..and one random guy calls u an idiot cuz youre not an expert on that subject...that doesnt really make any sense does it...and googleing the research does not give u all the info you think i can get the info that queenOFblades gave me on google? thanks again quennOFblades
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  19. QueenOfBlades

    QueenOfBlades New Member

    No problem, dude! Happy to help. :) Hope you eventually end up growing some nice buds. :D


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