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Discussion in 'Growing Topics' started by JustinSmokes, Aug 11, 2013.

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    Hey everyone, so i'm 15 years old and this year i'll be going into high school as a freshman. I know i'm still very young to decide on my career, but nothing else interests me more than growing medical marijuana. Iv'e read about alot of colleges that offer classes on correct ways of growing marijuana. My favorite one is THC University in Denver Colorado. And the best part about that is iv'e always wanted to live in Colorado! So if anyone has any tips, like things i can do to get prepared for this lifestyle in high school, or how i should tell my parents. I haven't been this excited in a while, this is what i want to do with my life. So if you have any tips or anything please say! thanks :)

    Also one last thing, what are some other good colleges that offer classes on growing marijuana?
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    If you just want to "grow" pot, any idiot can do that. It's basically a weed and needs no more special care really than backyard gardeners have put into their tomato plants for ages. A cultivated weed yes, but there's no real trick to simply growing it. For that reason if you just want to be a farmer of sorts you'll likely have to start your own operation, existing ones will be well populated by those who have the same dreams as you do but already live closer or know people involved in current ops. Half the stoners out there seem to want to grow pot.

    If you want to improve your chances that will take specialized skills. One direction to go is chemistry and genetics, there's a big difference between simply growing pot and understanding / refining it into something better. Math won't hurt either, you'll have to be able to adjust for changing ph and nutrient balances and a professional op isn't likely to just dump the solution and start fresh like a home grow does, too expensive when they have options and they do have options. Not advanced math maybe but basic algebra and such, enough to figure out how much of what to add to what volume of solution to end at the target amounts.

    Another area that will be important is legal advice, monitoring the laws and even acting as advocates and lobbyists for the community. It's not growing but it is being deeply involved and will be needed too. There are other areas as well. Anyone can grow pot, a few hours or days on the web and a bit of experimentation has started more than one garden. But it takes more to do it right or improve it, or to avoid legal problems. Those who have those specialized skills will have a much easier time getting access to reputable existing operations. Those who just want to grow will likely end up doing on their own, in their own closet or basement or not at all.
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    You're not going to find any accredited university that will teach you specifically to grow marijuana. It's still a federal felony and all schools get federal funding. It's just a plant like other plants, so any school that will teach you agriculture would do. Every plant has its own requirements of soil, nutrition, water, light, and ventilation. You would learn basic chemistry, botany, math, and the business aspects of running an agricultural business.

    Keep in mind that, in the future, growing marijuana will not be the money machine it is today. Most of what we pay for is the illegality and risk in the supply chain. Take that away, it won't be a lot different from growing corn or soybeans. Farmers tend to survive (or not) on very narrow profit margins.

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