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  1. Youngstoner

    Youngstoner New Member

    ok right now im fuckin baked, and i got a question, me and my friend from south florida are talking about the great plant, i have a question what the fuck is crip is it slang for chronic or a strain???? i dnt knw im in michigan and i havent bought "crip" or hear ppl say anything about it just mids regs uppermids chronic etc. help a high brotha out
  2. kronik

    kronik New Member

    In Florida, Crip is High Quality marijuana. Very good weed. Just slang for headies, dank, better than regs, and WAY better than mids. :)
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  3. Youngstoner

    Youngstoner New Member

    ight man thanks
  4. kronik

    kronik New Member

    No problem bro. You got any other questions just hit me up in a message or something, here to help. :D
  5. probationBLOWZ420

    probationBLOWZ420 New Member

    Crip Is A Name For Good Weed. It Means Kon Bud, Kind Bud, Kb Etc Is 20 A G And 100 A Quarter
  6. AstroCoaster

    AstroCoaster Sr. Member


    "crip" "kind bud" .... You mean krypt and kine bud ? Hopefully I'm not too much of a bother butting in on this, but some of the informations a little off. Either way injoy smoking it ! :D
  7. Zebra

    Zebra New Member

    I'm from South Florida and they call it crip or chronic, which means it's good quality weed that probably has a strain name but they don't know it so they just call it chronic.

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