Eating raw weed to get high

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    You can get high eating raw weed but the tricoms get in your belly and tend to cause discomfort. So its good to heat it up to melt down the tricoms. And heat makes it more easyly digested. It works best if using canna butter or putting ground herbs in the food your cooking. Of. Ourse using ground herbs makes for a grainy product and it makes the house reek of herbs as it is being cooked. Yay canna butter.
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    Eating raw weed to get high?

    Sure, you can eat raw weed - and you might get high, more likely a stomach ache. But understand, to get high off weed's THC... you need to think about decarboxylation. Raw weed has mostly THCa, which must fist be decarboxylated to become THC - the stuff that gets you HIGH!
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    Dr. David Allen Say's "Eat a Bud a Day"

    Here's some interesting data. This video highlights a report fired up by the Department of Health and Human Services which found that our ugly little rodent friends (aka RATS) reduced their rate of STROKES by 50% w/ a simple and small amount of natural Bud, flower - i.e Cannabinoids.

    That's right, Dr. Allen recommends you eat "A Bud-a-Day to Keep the Strokes Away," raw, un-dried buds — by not activating the THCa and converting it into THC - the consumer avoids the "high" that comes with heated marijuana / cannabis.

    Pot's primary psychoactive ingredient is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). When left uncarboxylated all of the other cannabinoids are allowed to work on the patient, without the sometimes overbearing high from some of today's high THC weed.

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    Eating Marijuana
    to Get High
    As we talked about earlier...Sure, you can catch a buzz by eating Weed. But you're going to need to choke down at least an 1/8 of raw cannabis - not appetizing -to get the same high as smoking a joint or so... because of the decarboxylation issue.

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