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Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by greenfish13, Jan 23, 2012.

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    Umm i am not sure if it's cool to post this message in this thread or if there is a thread for this stuff somewhere. any who i was watching something on youtube and got inspired to write this for the comment:

    dude weed is al-natural, so is to'baky, onion, broccoli, poison ivy etc. they're all plants too, but aren't illegal, hell hemlock'll kill ya, like the great philosopher, broccoli won't taste so good, but mix with onion and you got tasty stir fry, smoke da tobaky and feel like shit scratching that poison ivy. But with weed roll a blunt, grab some butter and seasoned salt on the broccoli and onion you've forgotten the ivy itch from the bong, but in the end you snuggle up next to your hemlock plant

    Ya got any writing ideas for fun? :confused::);)
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    I dont know why, but all I retained from that post was broccoli and onions and now im hungry for stir fry

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