’s Top 10 Things About Weed That Every Pot Smoker Should Know

Discussion in 'Science' started by ScrogBetty, Nov 4, 2012.

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    1. Marijuana is SAFER than prescription medications.
    2. Marijuana is not addictive.
    3. Marijuana can help to reduce the daily dose of patients other OTC medication.
    4. Marijuana can and does replace multiple OTC and prescription medications.
    5. Marijuana does not cause brain damage or lower IQ.
    6. There are specific marijuana strains that have been bred to remove “the high.”
    7. You do NOT have to smoke marijuana to gain the benefits from it.
    8. Marijuana-infused products can be used topically for effective relief from cuts, burns and inflammatory pain.
    9. Marijuana use will not necessarily make you fat.
    10. There are thousands of marijuana strains and they are good for different things.

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