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Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by ChronicPatient, Mar 25, 2013.

  1. ChronicPatient

    ChronicPatient New Member

    I DO HAVE MY LETTER FROM MY DR. and wouldnt ask otherwise for info. out of respect for you and your expertise..
    I am wondering if you can recommend a strain(s) that is/are beneficial for
    A) digestive diseases.
    PTSD & Anxiety
    C) Pain
    D) nausea

    I do not like feeling like I sipped a redbull. I DO NOT like to be sedated.
    I have "trainwreck" and "Dutch Treat". Both cost $162.50 a 1/2 o through the only local caregiver I could establish my medicine from.
    Thinking the trainwreck may be triggering aggitation/overwhelmed/frustration.
    Is that even possible?

    Do you know of any online sources for seeds, etc?
    I am sorry to be a bother....
  2. ScrogBetty

    ScrogBetty Admin Staff Member

    Good Morning & TGIF Chronic Patient -

    My husband also suffers from post traumatic stress disorder. As his primary means of medicating, he maintains a regular schedule of antidepressants along with four pre-roll joints a day [his daily quota].

    Without being strain specific, because of the variables within each individual, I'm only going to write in generalities.

    From what I can tell of PTSD, sleep equals healing. And sleep is something that's hard to get, as the nightmares seep into the subconscious mind. So sticking with a Indica, or Indica dominant hybrid is probably your best bet.

    My husband avoids Sativas as they tend to fire up the very brain activities we are trying to sedate.

    Here is a quick list of Indica dominant strains that you might look into... This information came from a website called SeedMine - a very comprehensive one-stop shop, where you can purchase just about any cannabis genetics you might be interested in.
  3. Bud Is good

    Bud Is good Resident non smoker

    I'm gonna half to agree with my friend here.A indica dom strain is what I would look for..Since you don't want your mind to race, but the hybrid should take away some sedation, to be able to function normally.So a mix/hybrid might be a good starting point.but at what split tho is hard to pinpoint.Shoot for the middle and get a 70/30/and a 60/40 and try them both out.

    Now for a bad day, nightmare,anxiety,I really like a straight up indica..Since you want to take away the feelings or racing brain.Just bamm,kick that anxiety in the flippin face.

    Dosage..Well that you may want to experiment with.try just a little at first,and up the dosage untill your normal everyday symtoms have the edge taken off.Always take a dose for sudden symtoms,cause they come on very suddenly.

    But I digress..

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