Seeds wont germinate

Discussion in 'Growing Topics' started by Kosu, Oct 17, 2011.

  1. Kosu

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    I put 2 seeds in for germination. One has been germinating for about 4 days and has some white stuff around it. Is that mold? And the other one has been germinating for 2-3 days. Im using the paper towel method. I got 3 paper towels wet them (Not soaking wet) then i put the seeds on it. Then i get another 3 paper towels wet them and put them on top of the seeds. I pat the paper towels and just wait :)
  2. Kosu

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    I just put another seed in for germination. This time im using the cup method. Fill the cup with water. Washed my hands and then put the seeds in. I dont know what seeds they are but there probably mid :(. Anyways the seeds is brownish with black lines. I got some other seeds that are like lime green or faded green.
  3. Ryan 4891

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    the green n white seeds wont do shit. ur right with the dark brown seeds with black lines going down the my experience just take a dixie cup or 2 n fill it with water and a white stem comes out after 2-4 days then plant witht that part down in soil. ive tried paper towel method n the seeds didnt do anything so i fully submerge them
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  5. Equilibrium

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    Your probably messing with the seeds too much. They like to be left alone while germinating....

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