2013 Top 5 Marijuana Strains: What Will An Ounce Of Good Pot Cost You?



The ebb and flow of marijuana prices throughout the United States is in a constant state of flux. In one state, such as California, with production at an all-time high and collectives being reduced in numbers, there is a perfect storm in market conditions for a downturn in the overall price. While in other states, scarcity – via law of supply and demand – forced prices slightly higher.

According to a recent high times market analysis, all three grades (Chronic, Mid’s and Schwag) took a slight hit in the first six months of 2013. As summer fires up, weed prices across the United States have fallen approximately $10 an ounce from the start of the year. With an average price of $380 an ounce… good pot – may be your cheapest bet for attaining mental tranquility, as Mother Nature cranks up heat across the nation.

Average prices for the top five selling strains:

#1 Kush $323

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#2 Purps $363

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#3 Diesel $350

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#4 Haze $368

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#5 Blueberry $355

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From the West Coast to the eastern seaboard your average price per ounce has remained relatively stable. The one caveat is always… supply and demand.


Strain:  Grandaddy Purps  – Price: $450 

Strain: Bubba Kush – Price: $330


Strain :  Tahoe OG   Price: $240

Strain :  New York Sour Diesel  Price: $240

Strain :  Louis XIII Price: $360

Strain :  Platinum OG   Price: $320

Strain :  Chocolope  Price: $240

Strain :  Skywalker  Price: $360

 Strain :  Headband  Price: $320


Strain : Golden Goat   Price: $300

Strain :  Holy Grail OG   Price: $350

Strain :  G-13  Price: $250


Strain :  Granddaddy Purps  Price: $350


Strain : Super Silver haze    Price: $350


Strain : East Coast Sour Diesel   Price: $420

Strain : Jack Herer   Price: $400

New Jersey

Strain :  Headband  Price: $400

Strain : Blue Dream   Price: $340

 New York: 
Strain :  Strawberry Cough  Price: $420

Strain :  Mountain Kush  Price: $340

Strain :  Green Crack   Price: $340


North Carolina: 

Strain :  Kush   Price: $350

Strain :  Trainwreck   Price: $325

Strain :  Jack Herer   Price: $250

Strain :  Cheese  Price: $300


Strain :  Purple Kush  Price:  (*C) $240

Strain :  Powerplant   Price: $220




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