Blue Dream

Also Known As: The Dream

"The Blue Moon of Buds"

The Scoop

A cross between DJ Short’s Blueberry and Santa Cruz Haze, Blue Dream has emerged as the most popular Sativa on the market in recent years. While it’s no longer that fresh, new strain around, it’s reputation precedes it, as many patients rely on Blue Dream to get them through the daily grind of the 9-5. Be wary and grill your budtender on its genetics, because blueberry tasting Sativas with a similar profile are often labelled Blue Dream to piggyback off her success.

More About This Strain

Blue Dream has in many ways become the Blue Moon of high-end marijuana strains: premium, mass-produced, and known by all. Like the popular Belgian beer (manufactured by Coors!), Blue Dream is one of the most (if not the most)  prevalent potent Sativas on the market. Available in nearly every medical marijuana dispensary in every state, Blue Dream has grown in both stature and esteem in the past few years.


A cross between DJ Short’s Blueberry and Santa Cruz Haze, Blue Dream typically checks in at 80% Sativa. As mentioned, it has, in recent years, become the top-shelf Sativa of choice in dispensaries all over the country, and is currently found in over 1,000 collectives across the country. Aesthetically pleasing, it combs the best qualities of Blueberry and Haze for what can truly only be described as pure fire.

  • Berries! Blue Dream tastes like a tub of fresh, lush blueberries, with hazy, acidic undertones from the Haze.
  • Rivals its looks, with a pure, unadulterated Sativa scent–that the Blueberry elevates to a less cloying level. One of the more distinct Sativa smells around, meaning that you’ll be able to spot a faker from a mile away.
  • Beautiful, coated nugs that hit the full color spectrum. The inside lights up like a laser show with strong green, yellow, and velvet when you crack it open.
  • Not a bristly Sativa, these nugs are coated, and lush like a Maui Wowie or Jack Herer. Smooth to the touch and pop upon breaking up.